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ALSO SPACE is a five day exhibition/meeting organised in a hotel in Beijing, taking place from 19th till 23th of December, each day from 13.00 to 23.00. The deliberate choice for such an environment creates an intimate and gentle atmosphere for one to meet with the work, people and ideas. By its location at a small local hotel, we are able to decide in which location of the city we want to be and, secondly, we are able to find a particular contact with an image or artwork. In doing so we ask the visitors both to recall the image of themselves and the image of the artwork.

The participating artists are mostly based in Beijing. They all come from different backgrounds—from musician, documentary maker or writer, to visual artist, architect or dancer. There is no opening nor a closing event, only a sincere offer to join us. An offer to encourage a different approach in this almost impossibly overproductive and hyper-creative world we live in, where we actually are not able to really look at images any longer.

It does not matter what kind of (art)field you find yourself, but it matters that we are able to manifest our common mentality. We found a certain necessity to let this event happen in China and in particular, Beijing.

The artists are brought together by Hai Na (Reinaart Vanhoe) as one of the derives of his stay in Beijing. ALSO SPACE is supported by the The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. Additional support by the Donkey Institute of Contemporary Art and 家作坊 HomeShop.

The participating artists are:

Michael Eddy, HHDFUN/华汇设计(王振飞, 王鹿鸣) , Sheng Jie/盛洁 , Yan Jun/颜峻 , Liang Shuo/梁硕 , Michael Yuen, META-Project/王硕 , Electric Shadows, Liu Ding/刘鼎, Sub Jam/撒把芥末 , Sugar Jar/白糖罐 , Olivier Meys, Shen Yi Elsie/沈怡, Elaine W. Ho/何颖雅 , Reinaart Vanhoe, Carol Lu/ 卢迎华, Xiaowei Wang/王筱玮 , Leon Yan, Xiao Ke/小珂 , CAFA (Zhao Wang/王钊 and Liang Xiuchuan/梁秀川 ), Manuela Lietti, and others.

A conversation between Carol Yinghua Lu and Liu Ding.

Works by Liang Shuo, Michael Yuen, Leon Yan, Electric Shadows, ...

documentation by HHD_Fun and Michael Yuen.

Workshop: 'Wanjing' for CAFA (central academy for fine art Beijing) together with Liang Xiuchuan and Zhao Wang.

Lecture by Zhen Fei Wang of HHd_fun.

Lecture by Shuo Wang of META -Project

Video by Olivier Meys.
Soundperformance for small audience by Yan Jun.

Performance by Xiao Ke, 'When I dance, you will see my ass. When I stop, please stay with me'.

Above: Subjam, sound label and conversation with Ruan Qian Rui.

Integrated work (7 plates) by Reinaart Vanhoe.
Michael Eddy, Photo-psychedelic document.


Elaine W. Ho, installation

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