Some works presented in "Small stuff 3",
Herman Teirlinckhuis Beersel.

My contributions were presented as "Ik ben een stadsmens."
The exhibition took place as a gift to Bernd Lohaus.
Beersel is a village nearby Brussels where the more wealthy people from outside Brussels and Belgium come to live. A more contemporary notion of the city maybe.

Stickers stating: 'I'm a city-person'.

(Adjusting some stones in the exhibition).

stadsmens geluid
Cover for the cd 'Ritmical and frequent airdisplacements'. (10euro)

Listen to the track:

Beside the above things I presented a video by 'Forum Lenteng', 'B RTDM', the video 'One hour of Ondersoukop photo's' and another video made in Paris.
I displaced also 3 chairs.

Still from Forum lenteng.
forum lenteng


Still from Ondra Soukop.

ondar soukopondar soukopondar soukop