This is an overview of books, cd's and posters made till now.
Most of the books are published by Auto and some togehter with MER. paperkunsthalle.
Covers of some books. (still to come).

title year place general number
Regional abstractions, greetings to the world. 2009 Beveren-Leie/ Rotterdam Drawings and mobile phone pictures, 20 pages. (colour xerox). 15
Maatwerk. expected
in 2009
Amsterdam/Rotterdam Newspaper, design by Nele Vos, after an exhibition in PAKT, Amsterdam. 16 pages,
English and Dutch text. With contribution by komt/nu/voorbij.
Antwerpen bij 5 graden boven 0. 2009 Antwerpen Inclusive the cd 'GHM' (to be looped). Dutch text with English inlay. 12 pages, colour.
Published by MER. paperkunsthalle. In collaboration with Extra city and 0090-festival.
(Editie van 50.000) 2008 Rotterdam flyer/book, signed, in A7 or A5 size. (Text in English, colour). 50.000
What do I produce? 2008 Rotterdam/ Istanbul Postcard book, 200 pages, English text, black and white. In collaboration with Alt? Ayl?k and nüans, Istanbul/Düsseldorf. 20(Hopefully 250).
(Hornbach) 2008 Rotterdam Promotion magazine. 5
Wat moet je kopen als. 2007 Antwerpen Poster for in public space A0, in collaboration with Objectif exhibitions. Dutch Text. Unknown.
Ritmische en frequente luchtverplaatsingen. 2007 Beersel CD, 30minutes. In collaboration with Herman Teirlinckhuis, Beersel. 10
This is us. 2007 Amsterdam Bought 3 editions of the magazine FRAME and signed it. 3
Omfloerst. 2006 Rotterdam 2 pages book/work. xerox, A2-size in a map. 10
(Brussels) 2006 internet http://vanhoe.org/paginas/brudoc1.html  
It doesn’t matter that much but still. 2006 Rotterdam Collection of texts after didactical course. Dutch language. In collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy. Print on demand.
Bekerja in a land of milk and honey. 2006 Jakarta Magazine in 4 parts, with English and Indonesian language. On the occasion of the workshop 'Work' with Ruangrupa. Collaboration with Ardi Yunanto, Indra Ameng, Ade Darmawan, Bin Harlan, Dimas Jayasrana, Muhammad Ridwan, Forum Lenteng, Johor Lamma, Godel, RM. Herwibowo, Hauritsa, Reza Afisina, Oom Leo, Farah Wardani, Otty Widasari. Print on demand.
Le monde
6.7 - 3.8.2001.
2001-2005 Paris Book made at 'Galerie du jour', Agnes B. Published by MER. . Invitation by Bojan Sarcevic. French text with English translation in middle pages. 750
Guy Mees, Guy Mees. 2005 Antwerpen A6-format. Published by Roger van Daele edities. About 200 pages. In rememberance of Guy Mees. 50
Guy Mees, Guy Mees 2005 Antwerpen A5-format. Published by Roger van Daele edities. About 200 pages. In rememberance of Guy Mees. 50
Het loopt gesmeerd. 2005 Antwerpen Poster 70cm-100cm, dutch text. Published by Roger Van Daele edities. 10
Follow me. 2004 Kuala Lumpur A poster/book. In collaboration with Parking Project, Ise. Folded A3 paper with English text. Print on demand.
Antwerpen, Juli 2004. 2004 Antwerpen Poems on the occasion of 'Mode d'emploi at Lokaal 01, printed in Indonesia. Dutch text. 250
la 11e arr. est pres du 12e arr.. 2004 Paris Notebook, to be used in a7 and a6 format. On the occasion of an exhibtion at 3015.org 10signed. (unlimited).
Waarschijnlijk. (Propably.) 2004 Antwerpen Exhibition flyer with cd-rom. In collaboration with NICC. Handwritten translation in English from Dutch if needed. about 50.
(Maastricht). 2003 Maastricht Black and white xerox-book. About 20 pages. On the occasion of the exhibition 'Der zit a hat intak an at rintrinttrin, Hedah. 50
Al is er niks te zien, ik kom. 2003 Maastricht Exhibition-poster, Dutch text. Hedah.
(streepje) 2002 Amsterdam

Sticker, in collaboration with Jeroen Jongeleen and de Appel.

Ghm. 2002 Rotterdam Cd, duration 5min., to be looped. Used in an edition of ten for Room (handmade) 50 (in 2009)
Though shall ... 2002 Helsinki Poster to support coasts of the exhibition. Englsih text. 70cm/100cm. In collaboration with MUU and Tero Nauha. 10
Kalender 2001 2001 Rotterdam Relation present. Calender for the year 2001. Size A3. 25
Ik ben uit de hoofstad weg. 2001 Rotterdam Magazine A4, Report of the year 2001, Dutch text with small English translation, black and white. Printing on demand.
Alstublieft en de rest volgt. 2001 Antwerpen Box with collection of copies. On the occasion of the exhibition 'Alstublieft en de rest volgt' at Lokaal 01 in collaboration with A.M. Kopper. 50
Venecular, global and local. 2001 Breda Collection of text in Dutch on the occasion of the symposium 'Venecular, global and local' at Post Sint-Joost academy in Breda. printing on demand.
Profileer jezelf. 2000 Amsterdam Xerox-book about 150 pages, black and white. about 100.
Kathedralen beklimmen is een hobby. 2000 Amsterdam Textbook in Dutch, 48 pages. In collaboration with de Rijksakademie. 250
(tekstbeelden). 1999 Amsterdam Book with textual images in Dutch and English. Xerox-book about 50 pages unknown.
BAZOOKA. 1999 Amsterdam

Poster/book A4 size. Text in Dutch, translatable in to different language on request.

Simpel gevaar. 1998 Tilburg CD-rom in collaboration with AV-station. 50
A.U.B. 1997 Tilburg/Harelbeke Book designed by Ronny Opbrouck. About 500pages colour and black and white. Handmade. 100
Quelques places pour la connaisance. 1996 Poitiers Photo-book, handmade. 1
Vast het woord. 1995 Tilburg/Utrecht Poetry book designed by Taco Stolk/ WLFR, Dutch text. 10
Afstudeer teksten. 1995 Tilburg A collection of texts written while studying. Dutch text only on demand

-GHB, Van Abbe museum Eindhoven 2007. Text for the newspaper on the exhbition GHB. I'm writing about the exhibition Neo-Beginners made in 2006.
-LAT, Vriza 2005. Dialogue between Siebren de Haan and me concerning the themes exhibtion.
-CD.ITC, Citydesign in the city, Ruangrupa Artlab. Textual and visual contribution using a short stay in Berlin.
-Fort Vuren, 1996. Catalogue text.

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Covers of the books: