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'Speakeraktif' a collaboration with Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF ) (on invitation by Iswanto Hartono)
Majalenka district under Renovation as JAF under renovation.
'Speakeraktif' is a tool to renovate JAF's connection to neighbors and neighboring organisation and look into, new neighbor(ism) and pro-activity after JAF's infrastructural renovation.

In 2017 Iswanto Hartono was invited, by JaF, to propose ideas for renovating the JaF building.
Amongst others he invited reinaart vanhoe and Marielle Verdijk to think how it could be done.
Meanwhile JaF got governmental support and the building was renovated in another way, due to restrictions. The governmental support was at one hand very welcome and at the other hand it meant that JaF had to overcome the outlook of the building and rethink how to connect to the neighbor, the visitors.
One of the reasons there is financial support is the infrastructural rebuilding of Majalengka district. The new airport, highway and garment industry generates certain new jobs, income for the area.
So instead of concentrating on the renovation of the building, JaF and reinaart and Marielle started to look into the renovation of the area and what it does mean for renovating JaF.
One of the findings that renovation not only means the tangible object 'the building'.
How to find again neighbours how to find allies who feed each other.
Speakeraktif, is part of the renovation of JaF, looking into a supportive structure of the greater area of Jatiwangi/Majalengka.
With building a network of friends/organisations, a supportive structure we want to refind the way, how to program, how to do grassroot projects, refind the neighbor idea, give each other energy, …
Via the concept of pavilions we try to share each others program and activities during the coming 3 years.



'Kra Kra Intelligence' cooperative at 'The problem with value' (Bunkier Stuki, Krakow) icw Kris Dittel.

"Kra Kra Intelligence" is a fictive cooperative exercising how to make use of the intelligence of all the people working and volunteering at Bunkier Stuki.
"Kra Kra Intelligence" tries to see the production of art as a shared production where the input on different levels is seen as equal valuable and the need for expanding the gallery into more informal spaces is a needed answer against the background of privatization and nationalism of and in public space.

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'The ruru huis' book is ready.
'The ruru huis book is an archive of 1,5year actvities in Arnhem for SONSBEEK'16
ruru huis served as a building platform before and during SONSBEEK'16 which has been curated by ruangrupa.



--- FEIJNOORD a magazine ---
made together with Divyangi Shukla:
A magazine, by interviewing 7 people, giving insight in what it means 'The Netherlands'.
End of 2016 I worked with a group of students in "Huis van de wijk", de DAM, Feijenoord, Rotterdam
As one of the outcomes, together with Divyangi Shukla and Woodstone Kogelblitz we made this magazine:
(thanks to Woodstone Kogelblitz and F.Cramer)





the book can be ordered at ---> http://www.onomatopee.net

Is a book describing the work of ruangrupa (Indonesia) amongst others. What can young people in both Indonesia and West-Europe learn from
some Indonesian artpractices :

Although contemporary art in Indonesia is well integrated within the global art discourse, the context of Indonesian artists is fundamentally different from that of Western artists, for whom notions of individuality and ‘autonomy’ play a key role. Indonesian artists, on the other hand, tend to think and work from the perspective of the communities of which they are already a part.
This book focuses on the Jakarta-based artists’ initiative ruangrupa as well as a number of other Indonesian artists and initiatives (Homeshop, Jatiwangi Art Factory, Lifepatch, Moelyono, Wok the Rock) as case studies of the individual and collective artistic practice of Indonesian artists. Recurring themes also include the author’s proposal of a ‘(g)Locally Embedded Art Practice’ (‘gLEAP’) and of the ‘also-space’ as approaches to re-evaluating the production and positioning of artists.
How can we develop an artistic practice that does not define itself as ‘alternative’ or ‘in opposition’ to the society in which it exists, but rather as an integral part of the various communities in which the artist functions, produces and lives, and is thus very much a part of?


--- SONSBEEK'16 ---

For ruangrupa and Sonsbeek'16
I co-programmed the informal part of the event.
From september 2015 till september 2016 we ran 'ruru huis' -->see link
(in June the book 'Arnhem-Herman' should be finished,
it reflects on the activities of the ruru huis, it's position,
and you can read it as an essential part of the Sonsbeek'16_transACTION

(photo: Maurice Boyer)



'Zo stel ik het me voor' (I imagine it to be like this) exhibition at the boijmans museum, Rotterdam
(invitation by Noor Mertens)
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my book is your book (see files for this moment --->)



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with thanks to Luther Blissett

with thanks to Luther Blissett




--- LET's ACT with YAN JUN and DEPLAYER ---

(sunday 21th september)
React and perform (after a text by Yan Jun)

yan jun

>>video on youtube<<


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Pdf with some wo rks and text.