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'Zo stel ik het me voor (2)':
(I imagine it like this)

Invited to propose a work for the Boijmans museum in Rotterdam I wondered
how I could make use of this 'city' platform. I decided to show a dialogue I have
with some friends and neighbours.
It connects also with the question 'Who does the museum represents and does the
reality of the city also reflects in the museums program and/or collection.

The show was in close collaboration with:
Francien van Everdingen, Dennis van Dorem, Modehuis en kledingreparatie Aladin (Renate en Saluwa),
Azzedine Karrat, Familie El Bakhkhass, Ben Shamier, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Noor Mertens,
Alexandra van Dongen, Hoesseïn Amrins, Eva van der Meulen, Anne Marjolein Pink, reinaart vanhoe